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My lovely wife sent me this text message, while I was waiting for her to get ready for our dinner date.

Your pet is naked on the bed-ass up- would you please spank me?  4:50 PM Apr 26

I thought you had forgotten you had to ask for a spanking today.  4:51 PM Apr 26

One does not forget about a spanking. 4:51 PM Apr 26


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I put her in the corner today after a spanking. I’ve never used corner time before. I’ve been working on using different tactics to get spanking going here again. Today seemed like a perfect time to use corner time.

The spanking was for her attitude. She’s working on a quilt. Yeah! Quilting caused her to get spanked. She asked my opinion about color combinations and I told her I couldn’t really give an informed opinion without knowing what the blocks around the one she was working on looked like. That made perfect sense to me. She didn’t think so.


I  ordered her up to the bedroom to wait for me with her jeans off.  There’s really no reason for her to go upstairs for a spanking. We have no kids at home.  It did serve a couple of purposes. One, I let her wait for about ten minutes. I wanted her to have time to think about what was coming. Two, we just purchased a new bedroom suite and I hadn’t spanked her on the bed yet.  When I asked if she knew why I was going to spank her, she knew it was because of her response.  She was very near tears before I touched her.  Afterward as she sat on my lap crying, she said she wanted me to be proud of her.  She was crying because she felt she had let me down. When the tears stopped , I sent her to the corner to think about how to keep this from happening again.

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As we await the arrival of Santa, some of you should be considering how you’re going to answer that all important question.




I think she was naughty.


I’m pretty sure she’s been nice. This looks like a good girl spanking to me.

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This must be my week to learn new words. The other day it was “mom jeans”.  Today it is “whooty”.  It’s the first day of our holiday vacation together. I’m awake early. She was all warm and naked. (She says if you’re only wearing  socks, you’re naked.) It’s vacation time, which means  she can go back to sleep afterwards, so we had some early morning couple time.


In the afterglow, as I’m playing with her butt, she says  Anna says I have a whooty.  I asked what’s a whooty and who the hell is Anna. I thought I knew the answer, but had to ask.  I was right, and she does have a whooty.  I thought she was busy working during her trip out-of-town.  Evidently, they had some spare time on their hands.  How else does whooty become the topic of conversation? Anna said she needed to see the video. That’s right, there’s even a video about whooty.  An old video at that.  I decided not to post it because it’s not my style, but I will share the lyrics of the chorus with you.

she’s a whooty, a white girl witha booty
she’s a whooty, a white girl witha booty
she’s a whooty, a white girl witha booty
she’s a whooty, a white girl witha booty

Imagine a guy who enjoys spanking his wife marrying a whooty.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.

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Mom Jeans

I have admit to the world that I like mom jeans.  Well some mom jeans that is. Particularly when they are on the right butt.  Now, I know mom jeans are a big fashion faux pas to some.  I’m sure the younger women wouldn’t be caught dead in them. But I’ll bet if you’re a guy who came of age some time between the 60’s and the 80’s, mom jeans probably bring back some fond memories.  Perhaps of some lovely butt in what would be considered mom jeans today. Marilyn Monroe in jeans

Monroe jeans

If you’re a country boy at heart, like me, you might understand my fondness for high-waist jeans on your country girl’s butt.


I didn’t know that they were mom jeans, until I was looking for a picture to go with a post I wanted to write about shopping with Fair Lady.  We had set out to get a gift for her mother. There was a sale going on, which naturally meant that we had  to at least look.  As usual, I found items that looked better on her than those she picked. It comes from years of girl watching.  I found a couple of pairs of jeans that I insisted she get because her butt looked really good in them.  Fair Lady is not built for the popular  low-waist jeans. I don’t like her in jeans that have pockets that are on the bottom curve of her butt, even if that appears the be the correct pocket placement today. I like the pockets where I remember jeans pockets being, between the waistband and the bottom curve of her butt.  This butt is very much like hers. For me, it just wouldn’t look right in low-waist jeans. jeans plus size

If the man in your life, is like me, and grew up to like the look of high-waist jeans on women and likes the look on you. What is the harm in dressing in a way that makes you attractive to the man in your life?  It is guaranteed to get your man’s attention.  He might even want to remove them to spank that butt a little.

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I’m trying to adopt this way of thinking. It is really difficult for me. I’ve always been the responsible one. The person everyone else depends on to be there,  and get things done.  Being crazy! Not how you’d describe me if you knew me.

I’m working on it.  I’m also working on getting spanking back into our life on a more regular basis.  I spanked her early one morning last week.  As usual, she wanted to know what she had done wrong.  In this case my answer was nothing at all. I’m just spanking you because you’re mine and I want to. I don’t think that made much sense to her.

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