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My lovely wife sent me this text message, while I was waiting for her to get ready for our dinner date.

Your pet is naked on the bed-ass up- would you please spank me?  4:50 PM Apr 26

I thought you had forgotten you had to ask for a spanking today.  4:51 PM Apr 26

One does not forget about a spanking. 4:51 PM Apr 26



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Alone on the Couch

We’ve had a couple of weeks away from work to reconnect. Fair Lady says she misses spending time on the couch. She likes the calm feeling that results from being spanked. I reminded her that she doesn’t like the belt or the wooden bath brush, my favorite things to use on her. We agreed to spend more time on the couch.

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I put her in the corner today after a spanking. I’ve never used corner time before. I’ve been working on using different tactics to get spanking going here again. Today seemed like a perfect time to use corner time.

The spanking was for her attitude. She’s working on a quilt. Yeah! Quilting caused her to get spanked. She asked my opinion about color combinations and I told her I couldn’t really give an informed opinion without knowing what the blocks around the one she was working on looked like. That made perfect sense to me. She didn’t think so.


I  ordered her up to the bedroom to wait for me with her jeans off.  There’s really no reason for her to go upstairs for a spanking. We have no kids at home.  It did serve a couple of purposes. One, I let her wait for about ten minutes. I wanted her to have time to think about what was coming. Two, we just purchased a new bedroom suite and I hadn’t spanked her on the bed yet.  When I asked if she knew why I was going to spank her, she knew it was because of her response.  She was very near tears before I touched her.  Afterward as she sat on my lap crying, she said she wanted me to be proud of her.  She was crying because she felt she had let me down. When the tears stopped , I sent her to the corner to think about how to keep this from happening again.

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As we await the arrival of Santa, some of you should be considering how you’re going to answer that all important question.




I think she was naughty.


I’m pretty sure she’s been nice. This looks like a good girl spanking to me.

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Is it just me or does this wife need some serious OTK time? Fair Lady can’t stand this commercial.  The first time we watched it with her mother, mom had pretty much the same reaction. She thought this wife needed an attitude adjustment. I ‘m guessing there’s a spanko gene in the family. 

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She got spanked again.  It all started with me hurting her feelings. I feel bad about hurting her feelings. That isn’t something that I enjoy doing. I certainly didn’t mean to hurt her, but I did. Some will say, I probably shouldn’t have said what I did. After a lot of tears, she told me that she needed to hear it, even if it makes her feel bad. She will readily admit that she likes it when I won’t let her out of the house in clothes that I don’t think are appropriate for the occasion, or that aren’t flattering on her. Of course hurt feelings impaired her ability to recall this fact this morning.

It all started when we were going to run our usual Sunday morning errands. She tries hard to dress in something that I like when we’re going out together. For running errands that means a top that I like with her jeans. This particular morning she picked a top that I had suggested she buy.  I saw it and thought she’d look good in it, and she does, usually. Yes, I said usually!  Well this particular morning, I didn’t think the fit was very flattering. I told her, I thought she needed to pick another top to wear. I didn’t need to say any thing more. She understood what I meant and changed into another top.

She’s been swamped at work lately. She’s had too many ten or twelve hour work days, trying to make sure that others have their paperwork in order for internal and external audits. She’s been away more than she’s been home for the last month. Her efforts have paid off nicely.  Her region has the highest scores in the nation, and she’s getting noticed by senior management. The downside is she’s not use to the pressure that goes along with her position. She’s struggling with trying to balance being good at her job, being a wife, and having some time to just be. As she told me, “Everyone wants a little piece of me. I need some time for myself.” All this means we’ve let exercise and eating healthy slide this past month. Her weight has gone up a few pounds, not a lot just a few. Unfortunately, the few extra pounds didn’t look good in that particular top, and I wouldn’t let her out of house in it.

Her body language made it very clear that she was hurt. Communicating with her was arduous. Her contributions to the conversation were just this side of being bratty. I could tell she was headed for the dark place she goes when I say something isn’t perfect in our little world. She started by saying how she hadn’t done anything right all morning, which wasn’t at all true. We’d been having a great weekend, but when I tell her something isn’t to my liking, all the good in our world seems to vanish. She sees and hears only the negative. The “I never seem to do anything to make you happy!” comments come next. I’m always surprised at how quickly our world crumbles to a place where things have to be all good or all bad, no gray area, no middle ground allowed. I know from past experience that I cannot reason with her, and get her to see that things aren’t all bad.

We were in the middle of the grocery store when I’d had enough. I very calmly said I’m tired of this. We’ll address it when we get home. She decided to see what things were like on the bratty side of the line, she’d been staring at all morning. She stated that her feeling had been hurt. I told her I knew that. She asked, “So you’re going to spank me for how I feel?” I told her she was getting spanked, but not for how she felt. I told her the spanking was going to be for her behavior. She didn’t think it was fair of me to do that. I reminded her that it wasn’t fair for her to act the way she was, hurt feelings or not. We finished shopping. The ride home was quiet. She spent the time looking out the window on her door, avoiding looking in my direction.

Groceries were unpacked and put away. I was about to work on flushing my car’s radiator, like I’d planned on doing.  She’s in the kitchen beginning to work on some peppers up for canning. I tell her let’s get this over.  I move her to the living room. She removes her jeans. I have her over the arm of an overstuffed chair.  She’s has this look of defiance on her face. I’ve seen that look before. It always makes me think at some point she could come up swinging. She never has, but I’m sure she’s probably entertained the thought a time or two. She stays in place. I remove my belt. I explain that I’m sorry I hurt her feelings, but I had to spank her for her behavior.

I spanked with my hand. I lectured about how I hated when she could only see things as all good or all bad with us.  I wanted to know why she saw things that way.  She said she couldn’t talk while I was spanking her, so I just spanked for a while with the belt.  I then did something I don’t usually do, I told her to stay in play and left her there to think for a few minutes.  She has this habit of talking to herself in a whisper.  I asked what she was saying. She says I’m asking God for strength to do what I need to do. We talked about why she needs God’s help. That was when I found out that she’s feeling pressure at work. She feels like everyone “wants a little piece of her” and there’s not enough time to get everything done at work and home, and have down time to relax.  I told her that I really do understand how she feels. I spent sixteen years in a high pressure profession. We talked about what we could do that might help her cope better. It really was a productive conversation, even if she was still bent over the arm of that overstuffed chair.

I went to work on the car. She went back to working on the peppers.  When I came in I was surprised to find that she hadn’t put her jeans back on.  Her bottom clearly showed evidence of the earlier spanking. I hugged her and told her that I loved her, and was proud of her accomplishments at work. I reminded her that I wouldn’t allow her to neglect doing what is good for her or us because of work.  I rubbed her bottom and told her that she’d find herself across the arm of the chair again, if she doesn’t start to correct things.

I’m happy to say that the reports from the road tell me that she’s working on getting things back on track. She even sounds like she’s happy that I want the daily reports on her efforts.

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I last posted about having to spank Fair Lady due to her language during a football game we were watching. This is a follow-up to that post.

When I told her she had a spanking coming she got the pillows ready and headed for the couch.   That’s where I usually want her when we’re doing our version of maintenance. I crank up some soft jazz. We settle down on the couch. She’s typically across my lap, with a pillow or two assisting with the presentation of her butt. This was not going to be a reconnection spanking, at least not in my mind.

I asked her if she knew why I was spanking her. I don’t usually lecture when I spank. It’s my nature to give the lecture when the situation calls for it. However, I wanted her to know exactly why she was getting spanked this time. The reason was very clear in my mind. I thought it should have been in hers as well. This is where the clueless part come in. She told me she was being spanked for not accepting the answers I had given her on two trivial things. Well, she did irritate me a bit when she had to confirm for herself that my answers were in fact correct. That’s something she probably does ten times a day in her work world. She just needs to remember that I’m not a part of that work world.  As I said, that really wasn’t a huge thing for me, but it was a good enough reason to add a couple more strokes with the belt she likes.

I finally had to tell her why she was being spanked. That mouth of her! Now most of the time she’s able to keep her speech G-rated. When she’s upset or angry, it is a totally different story. She reverts back to the how she talked before we met. She may not have been on level with a drunken sailor, but she certainly was using language I don’t consider appropriate for a lady.

Our football team losing, several penalty calls going against us, and no calls against the other team, teleported  her back to yesteryear.  It wasn’t so much the actual words she used, as much as it was the persona of the angry woman sitting next to me on the couch yelling at the television. That woman isn’t welcome in our home. I don’t find her the least bit attractive, even though she could be my lovely bride’s twin sister.

I didn’t get the enjoy having her across by lap that day. No time to enjoy the view.  No time to watch the parade of colors: white, pink, red, blackish blue. Instead I had to drive that foul mouth, evil tempered woman from our home.  It was much easier than I thought it was going to be. By the time the second stripe mark from my belt was appearing on her butt, I’m pretty sure I heard foot steps stomping down the hallway toward the front door. By the time stripes five and six introduced themselves to that oh so sweet spot on her butt cheeks, I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I heard the door slam. After stripe ten laid claim to unmarked spot, my lovely bride assured me that I wouldn’t be seeing that evil tempered woman again.  I hope she’s right!

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