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I blame being a teen in the pre-panty hose days for my garter belt and stockings fetish. Fair Lady indulges me. Have I mentioned what a good girl she can be? The picture is from the internet.

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She takes my hand, guides it down her stomach, away  from the nipple I’m playing with. She drags it between her legs, shoves two fingers inside.  It is hot and wet with thick cream.  Creamy, like she’s been horny for awhile but not able to do anything about it.

“I dreamed you spanked me. You started slowly. You rubbed and stroked my ass as much as you spanked. It was exactly what I wanted. Then you spanked me really hard, once you had me floating. You grabbed my hair, pulled me so my ass pressed against you, and fucked me hard just like you spanked me. I didn’t want you to miss seeing how much I love being your good girl, even in my dreams.”

She humped until my fingers dripped her juices. Telling me she was my good girl.

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Few would say what we have is how it is supposed to be. We don’t try to convince anyone we are doing it the right way. We just enjoy what we have.  We hope you find your joy in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Alone on the Couch

We’ve had a couple of weeks away from work to reconnect. Fair Lady says she misses spending time on the couch. She likes the calm feeling that results from being spanked. I reminded her that she doesn’t like the belt or the wooden bath brush, my favorite things to use on her. We agreed to spend more time on the couch.

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!  We would like to take this time to wish you all good health and happiness in the coming year.


As usual I hope the new year brings you many chances to show your love how much you care.

So whether you  warm her up before going out tonight to that party.


Or you stay and home and enjoy an evening alone.


Make sure she knows you care.

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Happy New Year from Dark Knight and Fair Lady!  We pray that 2012 is a good year for all.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’m sure some of you have worked very hard all year-long to end up on Santa’s naughty list.

While others of you have worked to make sure that you end up on Santa’s nice list,

  or is that worked hard to end up on Santa’s nice lap.

Which ever list you find yourself on, my Christmas wish is that everyone has a loving partner to attend to your needs.

Merry Christmas my friends!

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