I hope your evening has only wanted consequences.

Today we celebrate nine years of marriage! Happy Anniversary FairLady. I am lucky to have found you. We definitely met at the right time. I was finally ready to share my life with the right woman and you were ready for the right man to enter yours. You are this dominant’s dream girl and I am lucky that you belong to me.

Here’s to many more years of having the privilege of using you for our pleasure. Always and forever!

It’s the submissive who shows to others what type of Husband owns her.

How do you show the world what type of man captured your heart?

She is still the one and only.

She didn’t step right out of my dream, because I didn’t know women like her were out there.

“You are exactly what I need. I’m glad you care enough to beat my ass and hold me accountable. Please don’t give up on me.”

Sometimes a good hard spanking is what we both need. I’m blessed to have a wife who allows me to spank her. We talked about how we are as a couple and how we want to be. It was a replay of the talk we had years ago when we began living together. We have gotten away from how we promised each other we would be as a couple. There are many reasons for us getting side tracked: her ADD, demands of both our jobs, family demands, my failure to address this sooner. Our wedding vows did not contain an exit clause, so we have some work to do.