It’s John Wayne day on TMC. We watched McClintock for the umpteenth time. Two of our favorite spanking scenes in films. Any scene with Maureen O’Hara getting spanked is worth watching. John also spanked that ass in The Quiet Man, one of my favorite movies. They were public spankings which she fights, but she ends up over the knee anyway. 




For the right person, she will be dirtiest of girls.

She asked if she could give me something. Being a smart ass, I asked if it involved an exchange of body fluids. Yes, was her answer and she kissed me. I swatted her butt. She enjoyed it too much, bent over into the arm chair cushion.  More please.  Reminded me of Amy. 


The ice and sleet have us homebound today. Fair Lady picked a sundress to wear, similar to the picture. Wonder if she knows I have plans for that ass. I’m thinking a nice fire, and a bare butt hand spanking. Then some time to see how many times she can cum for me, before her hands start waving and I hear her pleading “No more!”



I blame being a teen in the pre-panty hose days for my garter belt and stockings fetish. Fair Lady indulges me. Have I mentioned what a good girl she can be? The picture is from the internet.